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News media companies are going through radical changes. Radical changes require radical innovations. That’s why we merged together four of the leading media software companies. We came up with the radical idea that we should combine our talents and technologies to help transform our industry. We believe it’s the only way we can all break through to success.

Newscycle Solutions was formed in 2013 through the merger of DTI, Saxotech, Atex AdBase and MediaSpan. In June 2016, Newscycle acquired DoApp, Inc., a mobile application development and mobile ad network company. Newscycle provides the most complete range of digital solutions for the global news media industry. We serve more than 1,200 media companies with 8,000 properties in more than 45 countries across 6 continents. Our customers rely on Newscycle software throughout the year to generate more than US$10 billion in annual advertising revenue; to deliver more than 20 billion newspapers; and to produce billions of page views per year.



Latest News

Bee Publishing Company’s Newtown Bee is live on NEWSCYCLE Content

August 29, 2016 Bee Publishing Company’s Newtown Bee is live on NEWSCYCLE Content

NEWSCYCLE Solutions releases SalesLink CRM tool

August 22, 2016 NEWSCYCLE Solutions releases SalesLink CRM tool

Latest Blogs

Mobilizing for Growth

The numbers tell the story. Our content consumption habits continue to change. Demand for mobile news and advertising content is skyrocketing, and media companies are competing harder than ever for digital moments. Publishers are learning that if you don’t provide a good mobile experience, your audience will find it somewhere else. read more

Clicks to Clocks to Cliques

In the old days, digital advertising effectiveness was measured by how many people clicked on an ad. This worked okay for a while. Then ads started scudding across our screens and filling up so much of our precious page real estate that most clicks became accidental. read more

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    Newscycle Connect and FruitFlan

    3:00 PM CEST (9:00 AM ET)Webinar
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    Sarasota, FL, USA

    Don't miss the Spotlight Session on Friday September 16th at 9:45 a.m. Why Push Notifications Matter in an Instant News World presented by Wade Beavers, Newscycle's President of Mobile. Or Contact Steve Moon, Newscycle Sales Director, to arrange a meeting.

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    Why Mobile?

    2:00pm ETWebinar

    Join Wade Beavers to learn about the importance of apps for delivering news media content
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    NNA Annual Convention

    Franklin, TN, USA

    Don't miss our Flash Session on Friday morning at Table 6! Contact Paul Mrozinski, Newscycle's Senior Client Engagement Manager to arrange a meeting.

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    WAN-IFRA Digital Media Africa

    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Manish Popat, Newscycle Business Manager, will be attending the show. If you would like an introduction to our solutions, or if you would like a short meeting contact Manish.


Powerful and highly adaptable media software solutions designed for robust business rules and advanced workflows.

Newscycle Content
A workflow-centric content management and production system designed for specifically for news media companies.

Newscycle Digital
A flexible digital content management system (CMS) for creating and publishing multimedia content across all channels.

Newscycle Circulation
A digital circulation system providing multi-channel distribution, marketing, and subscriber management tools for publishers.

Newscycle Advertising
An industry-leading advertising software platform for managing a company’s complete multi-media advertising business.




Cost-effective turnkey software solutions with rich feature sets and comprehensive
“out of the box” capabilities.

A content management system for publishers that allows you to manage and deliver your content anytime, any place to any outlet.

A browser-based content management system that gives you all the online tools you need to build a dynamic Web presence.

A complete circulation system providing subscription and distribution management all in one package.

An advertising management system that lets you easily create, schedule, bill and output content in a clean, browser-based interface.

An ad-tracking and workflow management system designed to streamline the creation of advertisements.

Newscycle Audience
An audience relationship management platform designed to identify reader interests and deliver personalized content and advertising.

Newscycle Analytics
A business intelligence system that helps you manage and use circulation data to increase revenue and improve customer service.

Digital Paymeter
A fully customizable digital subscription platform that helps media companies develop, configure and evolve their mobile and digital products.

Newscycle Connect
An online portal for Newscycle add-ons, application program interface (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs), and selected third-party solutions integrated in Newscycle platforms.

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