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Media Consumption Trends – A Millennial Perspective

We often hear about how print subscribers are dying off and how the trends are changing in this industry. I use my personal experiences when I think about these trends and what it means for Newscycle and its clients. I personally have never subscribed to a newspaper as an adult and I’ve cancelled my print subscription to Women’s Health Magazine (I’ll explain why later). To tell you the truth, I’m not particularly interested in subscribing to a newspaper’s digital offerings because I know I can get the news somewhere else for free. Sad? Totally. read more

Compliant or Complacent?

At first glance, it all sounds so simple and straightforward. Back in 2006, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) – the good folks from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and others – came up with a set of rules to ensure that all merchants maintain a secure environment for processing, storing or transmitting credit card information. A merchant is any company that allows customers to pay for products and services via credit card. Just about every news media company is a merchant. read more

Worst Practices in Cybersecurity

Three Things Every News Media Executive Needs to Know. News media websites continue to be prime targets for cyber-attacks. Earlier this month, The Washington Post’s mobile site was hacked by a group claiming to be part of the Syrian Electronic Army. The attack lasted about 30 minutes, and visitors to some section fronts saw messages that said “The media is always lying” before being redirected to a Syrian Electronic Army website. read more

One Cheek to Kiss

When shopping for point applications or enterprise software systems, buyers face a familiar dilemma. Best-of-breed or single-source? Is it better to purchase the best components possible and make sure they all work together? Or, is it preferable to work with one supplier who will take responsibility for installing and supporting the entire package? read more