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The state of paid content: For free, for a fee, or somewhere in between

The great digital content debate wages on. Passionate “information wants to be free” apostles are pitted squarely against the pragmatic “we must charge for content in order to survive” proponents. Others straddle the fence with one leg on either side of the paywall, advocating that some digital content should be free while other types of content should be paid for. read more

Embracing your Audiences

You’ve canvassed, contacted and courted your online audiences. You’ve showered them with targeted prose and personalized promises. You’ve fed them cookies that you baked yourself and some that were made by others. You believe you’ve made a good impression. read more

What’s in a name?

I gave each of my children two traditional first names. One to be called by, and the other to use as a middle name. I wanted something unique and individualistic, something that wouldn’t damage their self-image, or be downright disturbing like recent celebri-baby names... read more

Typography over Topography

Forget about fish and chips wrappers or birdcage liners. Last month, two newspaper publishers in vastly different geographies invented unique, practical and socially conscious uses for their printed products. read more