NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces major Reporter Client release

///NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces major Reporter Client release
Latest version adds enhanced responsive design, social media integration, and new productivity features

Bloomington, MN – May 4, 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces a new Reporter Client 2016-1 software release. Reporter Client is a web-based content creation and editing program for the NEWSCYCLE Content platform.

The latest version includes a new responsive design interface and expanded functionality in the Lite Editor authoring tool. An early adopter program is also available for enhanced social media integration, which enables journalists to create and manage social media posts directly in Reporter Client.

“The new features in Reporter Client 2016-1 are key to helping newsrooms accelerate the time-consuming content management process while maintaining consistently high publishing standards,” said Kelli Chmielorz, NEWSCYCLE’s Director of Product Strategy, Media Product Solutions. “The focus of the release is to increase productivity. New features provide newsrooms with powerful tools to be more efficient with available assets and resources. Reporters and journalists now have the ability to manage the end-to-end social media publishing process directly in the NEWSCYCLE CMS. And, our new Reporter Client interface makes content creation possible on any device.”

NEWSCYCLE’s Reporter Client 2016-1 new features and enhancements include:

Responsive Design – allows reporters to create and edit articles with accompanying social media posts, add images, preview and submit articles directly from smartphones or tablets.

Adobe InDesign® Server Integration with Reporter Client’s Lite Editor – provides a copyfit function that allows reporters to write articles in real-time and ensure the fit in layout geometries. Web-browser access allows staff away from the newsroom to collaborate on article-fitting decisions.

Social Media Integration – gives reporters the ability to manage social media posts directly from the Story Edit function in the Reporter Client, saving valuable production time. The new functionality allows reporters to create and edit multiple posts, add images, and publish to the appropriate social media platform.

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