NEWSCYCLE Solutions releases NewsEditPro software update

Latest version delivers a new budgeting tool and page-tracking dashboard that saves editors time and increases accuracy

Bloomington, MN – March 9, 2017 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the release of NewsEditPro 2016-1. The latest software includes a budgeting tool for enhanced communication between content creators and editors. Teams have an in-depth view of priorities and assets in a central location, as well as common access to story assignments. NewsEditPro 2016-1 also provides a page tracking dashboard to preview pages from Adobe InDesign and stay within NewsEditPro to see page layouts.

“NewsEditPro 2016-1 adds key features editors and other users need to be more efficient performing day-to-day processes,” said Kelli Chmielorz, Director of Product Strategy, Media Product Solutions. “With 2016-1, asset lists can be configured to display specific, filtered information and exclude extraneous data, while also providing a view of the workflow stages for editorial content creation. In addition, editors know what is complete and in InDesign, and can view story elements and page layouts without leaving the NewsEditPro system.”
NewsEditPro 2016-1 includes the following:
Budgeting Tool
Users can run lists for one or more dates or publications, organized by page and section. Editors can run lists of existing assets and assign to team members, and quickly create, assign and move assets for future editions. Teams are able to view and update assignments, workflow stages, page plans and deadlines.
Page Tracking Dashboard
The Page Tracking dashboard helps improve accuracies in page assignments, which saves time often spent correcting misplaced assets. Editors have a preview of completed pages in InDesign and immediately know which dates, pages and publications need more content.

Click to download the NewsEditPro 2016-1 datasheet.

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