Innovative software systems for broadcasters.

NEWSCYCLE Solutions delivers a broad range of technology solutions for the global broadcast industry, including content management and digital advertising, plus new breakthroughs in audience relationship management and analytics. Our platforms are designed to increase digital revenues, streamline operations, and power innovative business models across the broadcast media landscape. Imagine if you could…

icon   Learn about your audience from their location, device and behavior

icon   Tailor their experience with your content based on their unique preferences

icon   Increase overall stickiness, and charge for access to your quality content

icon   Connect your advertisers to detailed information about your audience

icon   Create targeted multimedia ad campaigns across all of your outlets and deliver it next to your content

The NEWSCYCLE suite of products for the broadcast industry gives you these advantages. Read below to learn more about the Polopoly Web Content Management, NEWSCYCLE Advertising, NEWSCYCLE Audience, and Digital Paymeter solutions.



Polopoly Content Management

Polopoly is a powerful web content management platform designed for fast pace, high volume websites. In the ever-changing broadcast media landscape, speed and agility are key. The Polopoly Web CMS offers metadata-driven publishing, rapid micro-site creation, and unmatched integration capabilities. Do you need to share content across multiple broadcast websites? With Polopoly, you can manage several websites within one central platform. NEWSCYCLE Solutions is proud to be the exclusive reseller of the industry-leading Polopoly web content management system (WCMS) in North America. CBC Logo Read about the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s success with Polopoly Web CMS.

NEWSCYCLE Advertising

NEWSCYCLE Advertising is an industry-leading platform for managing a broadcast company’s multi-media advertising business, including the entire contact-to-cash lifecycle. Based on technology platforms that run on-premises or in a SaaS environment, NEWSCYCLE Advertising provides a single integrated view of the complete advertising workflow, including account management, order entry, ad serving and delivery, financials and reporting. Learn more about NEWSCYCLE Advertising for broadcast.



NEWSCYCLE Audience is an innovative audience relationship management solution for identifying reader interests and delivering personalized content and advertising. A first-of-its-kind targeting solution, NEWSCYCLE Audience delivers increased visitor traffic, higher click-thru rates, greater customer engagement… and a predictive way to unlock profitable new business opportunities through your two greatest assets in today’s digital marketplace – your content and the audience it attracts.  Sorry you missed it! Download the Tapping into the Benefits of Audience Intelligence webcast recording. 

Digital Paymeter

NEWSCYCLE Solutions’ Digital Paymeter is a cloud-based digital subscription solution that gives you complete control over your digital strategy. With Digital Paymeter, you can configure your digital products the way you and your customers want them.  Whether you are interested in monetizing digital articles, video, images or any other type of media, Digital Paymeter can help. Digital Paymeter also provides authentication and single sign-on, secure and consistent user experiences across multiple platforms, and a complete set of reporting and administration tools to help you manage your solutions as efficiently and effectively as possible. Want to know more? Download our Digital Paymeter webcast recording!  
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Featured Case Study

CBC Case Study

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation Implements the Polopoly Web Content Management Platform

In 2013, The Canadian Broadcast Corporation implemented the Polopoly Web CMS for its leading news and sports websites. The CBC websites average over 150 million monthly page views, which is more than any other broadcast news or newspaper site in Canada.

As a content management solution with a proven track record in large news media organizations throughout the world, Polopoly earned the confidence of the CBC team during the extensive vendor search and evaluation process.

Click to download the full the case study and learn more about this success story.     More info

Case Studies

  • Astral Media Polopoly Case Study Astral Media chose Polopoly to power their digital media business. Learn how Polopoly Web CMS has enabled them to extend their media reach, delivering any content, anywhere, anytime, in any format.


Polopoly is a CMS product of Atex Group Limited. NEWSCYCLE is the exclusive reseller of Polopoly products in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Colombia, and a non-exclusive reseller in Central America and the rest of South America. Atex and Polopoly markets the Polopoly products through their own organizations in the rest of the world.