Simple, browser-based, full featured advertising system.

AdManagerPro is a full-featured advertising system that lets you easily create, schedule, bill and output content for traditional and non-traditional media channels. In addition, AdManagerPro’s CRM tools give your sales team the power to manage their customers, generate sales lists and even create and deliver email campaigns. Featuring a simple browser-based interface, AdManagerPro gives your users access to the system from any modern browser and cuts hardware and IT costs. AdManagerPro is available as a SaaS or self-hosted solution.


Connect to AdManagerPro anytime from any location. Since AdManagerPro is cross platform and browser-based, all you need is an Internet connection to start taking ads and payments, including classified liner and display ads, retail, and even banner and other Web-based ads.

Customer Module

AdManagerPro’s CRM functionality gives your sales team the ability to manage not only their active advertisers, but also their customers and prospects as well. Customer modules provide self- service ad placement and account management functionality 24/7. Optional modules and systems will give your customers the ability to create their own classified ads online and manage their bills.

Rich Feature Set

With over 2,000 AdManagerPro installations worldwide, AdManagerPro is the industry’s leading advertising system. It is a browser-based application with features spanning CRM, budgeting, dashboards, ad entry for liners, display, ROP and digital ads, print publishing exports, digital publishing exports, business analytics, a robust report module, built-in credit card authorization with tokenization, and many customer service portals.

In addition, the AdManagerPro pagination engine ensures that what you see on-screen will look just as great in print or online.


AdManagerPro is tightly integrated with CirculationPro and ProductionManagerPro giving your customer service reps the ability to take a classified ad or subscription and even check the production status of an ROP ad all through a single browser interface. 

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Featured Case Study

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The Spectator and Chronicle Group

Download this new customer case study and read about how the Spectator and Chronicle group, one of Northern Ireland’s leading local media companies, has successfully implemented the NEWSCYLE AdManagerPro and ProductionManagerPro system, and achieved a return on investment in less than two years.


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