Simple, powerful, browser-based editorial system.

It’s simple. Existing editorial systems weren’t built for a rapidly evolving, multichannel world. Outdated WYSIWYG editors and static data models are too constrained and unable to quickly respond to your changing needs. NEWSCYCLE’s NewsEditPro provides users with a simple, yet powerful toolset, that provides access to their content from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, NewsEditPro has both on-premises and cloud (SaaS) options available, providing sites with even more choices when it comes to streamlining their editorial environment.

Take your next step with NewsEditPro and see what a truly agile system can do for you today…and tomorrow!


Connect to NewsEditPro anytime from any location, from any device with Internet connectivity. Create, edit and deploy your content through NewsEditPro’s simple and easy-to-use browser-based environment. No desktop client is required – all you need is an Internet connection to create content.

Semantic Editor

NewsEditPro’s editing tool gives your content creators the freedom to write without being overburdened with styling conventions – channel endpoints worry about the presentation of the styles. NewsEditPro provides a perfect solution for creating content for a multichannel world.

Meaningful Asset Types

Within NewsEditPro, each asset type has its own workflow, elements and custom data model. No more one-size-fits-all. User groups are free to share data while working with a system tailored to their needs.


Quickly and easily export content to the Web, social media sites, mobile, and more. Print channel plug-ins provide easy-to-use, streamlined palettes, and a tightly integrated experience with Adobe®.

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