Case Study: Content

//Case Study: Content

Newscycle ONSET Customer Case Study

Columbia-Greene Media  - Based on Drupal 8 technology, ONSET is Newscycle’s new content management framework. ONSET is designed from the ground up to be open, easy to use and fully responsive. It is also architected specifically to meet the needs of transformative news media organizations. Newscycle has developed more than 100 extensions or [...]

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Berlingske Media Success Story

Berlingske Media migrates NEWSCYCLE Content to the NEWSCYCLE Cloud Hosting environment "The NEWSCYCLE Network Operations Centre is an extra safeguard as we know they are watching the threat level 24/7 and even able to warn us in advance of irregularities." Berlingske, Denmark’s oldest and largest newspaper company, was [...]

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Nordjyske Medier relies on NEWSCYCLE Content for multiple news platforms

Nordjyske uses NEWSCYCLE Content as the content hub for all of its print and digital publications, with fully integrated workflows between departments. However, until recently, Nordjyske was still using an unstable legacy system developed in-house to create content for their teletext and TV station. Find out how NEWSCYCLE helped. SEND ME THE [...]

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GateHouse Media

GateHouse Media chooses the ONSET digital content management platform to power more than 400 news media websites serving 35 million unique users GateHouse Media, one of the largest publishers of locally-based online and print media in the United States, has selected the NEWSCYCLE Solutions ONSET digital CMS platform to manage more than 500 community and business [...]

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