Powerful, versatile and easy to use circulation system.

CirculationPro is a complete circulation software system providing subscription and distribution management all in one package. It’s simple, easy-to-use browser client makes managing your publications, products or electronic subscriptions a breeze. Whether a single user system, metro daily or a group consolidating across a wide geographic area, CirculationPro can easily scale to meet your needs. CirculationPro is available as either in the cloud or self-hosted.


One application can handle multi-channel subscriptions, distribution, subscriber billing, distributor billing, dispatching, preprints, contracted mailing lists and more with no need for additional modules.

CirculationPro’s Self Service Modules provide your customers, carriers, dealers, agents and drivers with 24/7 service and account information, along with real-time integration into CirculationPro so there is no rekeying of data.



CirculationPro’s customer service-centric design makes managing subscriber accounts, payments, billing and much more a breeze. More than 175 core reports provide detailed tracking and reporting information that is needed to understand and manage your circulation at any level you require.

Digital Subscriptions

The CirculationPro Digital Subscription empowers your business to manage and control digital delivery of content the way you need in real-time to create new revenue opportunities. Offer your online, mobile, and tablet content as flexible, high-value subscription bundles and increase circulation revenue by offering convenient digital access for your print subscribers.


CirculationPro is designed to seamlessly integrate and work with numerous outside systems from general ledger, accounts payable, mailroom collating and preprint equipment, and stacking equipment, to IVR systems like Chatterbox and VoicePort. CirculationPro also communicates directly with NEWSCYCLE’s AdManagerPro solution so an ad department can quickly get information on subscribers and non-subscribers.

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Paxton Media Group

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