ONSET Engage

Know Your Audience. Grow Your Business.

ONSET Engage harvests readership behavior and profile data so you can engage your audience with the personalized, relevant content they prefer and the advertising they’ll act on. The results? Increased visitor traffic, higher click-thru rates, greater customer engagement… and a predictive way to unlock profitable new business opportunities through your two greatest assets in today’s digital marketplace – your content and the audience it attracts. What’s more, you retain and own the data you collect. A first-of-its-kind targeting solution, ONSET Engage supports today’s digital business models and optimizes the user experience, to help you:

icon   Collect readership intelligence into one platform

icon   Target readers with content and ads they want

icon   Grow the frequency and intensity of site visits

icon   Engage advertisers with demonstrable ROI

icon   Drive revenue, subscriptions and brand

Connect to Readers

ONSET Engage works with all types of audiences. You can track visitors new to your site and present them with personalized content and ads in real time. Cookie-based tracking will provide additional information on returning but anonymous readers.

Authenticated readers, those who have shared demographical data with you through registration forms for example, offer you an even greater opportunity to serve highly personalized, precisely targeted marketing messages, content and accompanying advertising.

  • Target your audience’s unique interests based on the content they read.
  • Observe readership behavior in real time across mobile, tablet and digital platforms to further increase relevance and results.
  • Use predictive analytics to understand customer behavior and better engage with readers.
  • Offer personalized advertising based on a visitor’s affinity for certain products.

Connect to Advertisers

Easy to deploy and operate, ONSET Engage can be used by your existing staff to review audience data, build a profile of your advertising targets, and match relevant content and ads to an audience segment’s interests. Visitors will see in real time the targeted content they want displayed alongside the ads that appeal to them.

Each target audience may be selected on a broad set of criteria. This allows you to target a very specific demographic profile, such as:
• Women age 25 to 54
• Living within 25 miles of a business
• With interests in travel, health and fitness trends

A stack of filters or rules are set up based on those criteria. These rules and criteria are flexible and can be modified. Offer greater advertising ROI that results in increased contract commitment and ad revenue. Push advertising that pulls readers into local businesses. Use dashboards and metrics to show in real time the success of advertising campaigns.

Connect to Success

ONSET Engage puts your audience at the center of your digital business strategy. It revolutionizes the way you engage with readers, enabling you to monetize your content and increase ad revenue by observing their behavior and targeting them with the news, information and advertising they want.

ONSET Engage is quickly deployed and fully hosted, allowing you to get up and running with minimal training for a quick return on investment. Grow subscriptions, sponsorships, new revenue streams. Leverage and monetize all your content. Prosper across all platforms, including digital, mobile and social media

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Featured Case Study

The Day

Innovations in Audience Engagement at The Day Publishing Company

The Day Publishing Company in New London, Connecticut is an industry leader in audience engagement, targeting and personalization. This case study will show you how The Day is using technology to improve content delivery across multiple platforms, to enhance value for its readers, and to win new customers. You will also learn how the Newscycle Audience platform is helping The Day’s website ( to increase audience engagement through recommended content, relevant advertising and a personalized online experience.

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  • ONSET Engage Datasheet


This whitepaper provides an overview of the most popular types of ad targeting and content personalization techniques available today. These techniques represent important foundational elements that are key to successful audience engagement strategies, and are especially significant when implementing an automated targeting and personalization solution such as ONSET Engage.

Case Studies

  • The Day Publishing Company
    Newscycle Audience is helping The Day to increase audience engagement through recommended content, relevant advertising and a personalized online experience.