Digital Paymeter

Easily customizable digital paymeter to ensure the best revenue potential for your premium content.

Digital Paymeter from NEWSCYCLE Solutions provides you with more control, and greater revenue potential as you determine the best solution for your market.  You control all aspects of the meter (paywall), you determine the plans that fit your audience, and you keep all the revenue you generate with your digital offerings.

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Keep your Revenue

With Digital Paymeter, there is no revenue share for your paid content and all the subscribers belong to you.  There is no 3rd party to get in the way of your revenue growth, or your ability to manage and service your customers.  All the data on your digital business is yours to use for revenue analysis, plan optimization, AAM reporting, and targeted marketing.

Complete Control

Try different plans; adjust the meter; charge for some premium content while supplying others for free – it’s all up to you and changes can be done instantly. Special deals for print subscribers are easy and verification of a print subscriber’s status is instantaneous.  Offer premium web, digital replica, day passes, mobile apps, or an “all access” bundle – it is all in your control.

Quick Implementation

Regardless of the CMS in place or the circulation system, installation is straight-forward.  Start simple and add more sophisticated options over time. By simplifying the user experience, you can capture more business in less time.

Newscycle Circulation Integration

  • One database for both print and digital subscribers makes customer service much more effective.
  • Integration makes it easy to manage combo subscriptions with both print and digital included.  Revenue allocation is automated.
  • Digital access details are captured in the Circulation database so AAM reporting is accommodated.
  • Use your digital offering to service vacation stops for print, or for servicing delivery errors – huge savings potential.
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Featured Case Study

Telegraph Herald Media

Dubuque Telegraph Herald chose Digital Paymeter integrated with Newscycle Circulation to streamline their digital subscription business

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