Newscycle Advertising

An integrated system for managing your multi-media advertising business.

Newscycle Advertising is an industry-leading software platform for managing a company’s multi-media advertising business, including the entire contact-to-cash lifecycle. Based on technology platforms that run on-premises or in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment, Newscycle Advertising provides a single integrated view of the complete advertising workflow, including:

icon   Premium ad booking management

icon   Sales campaign management and packaging

icon   Ad pricing, scheduling and contract fulfillment

icon   Digital, broadcast and print inventory management

icon   Ad production and delivery

icon   Billing, accounts receivable and revenue collection

Account Management

Are your customers individuals, or are they just numbers?

Customers want to work with companies that recognize them as individuals and understand their needs. Customers want to engage with companies that are able to help them reach their business  goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Newscycle Advertising software platform underpins the customer experience by extracting data from all areas of the advertising database and exposing this to the salesperson, using the permissions defined by the user’s role.  This gives sales teams visibility into the entire customer account, thereby ensuring the reputation and brand equity of the company.

Order Management

What does your current contact-to-cash workflow look like?

Take a close look at your advertising process, from lead generation to cash collection. Is your current system supporting the complete digital advertising ecosystem? Does it allow you to be innovative with your product set and support the need for rapid speed-to-market?

Newscycle Advertising enables companies to deliver all their ad bookings effectively, from consolidated order entry and configurable invoicing options to targeted advertising and real-time flight tracking. The Newscycle Advertising platform is completely configurable. This combination of power and flexibility enables companies like yours to create a profitable advertising business across all digital, print and broadcast channels. As a result, you will be able to reduce the time it takes to convert orders to cash, and you will create a deeper, more engaging and consultative relationship with your customers.

Ad Serving and Delivery

Would you like to simplify your advertising business?

Newscycle delivers the first end-to-end platform for ad booking, serving, targeting, reporting and billing — giving you a complete software solution for online advertising. With NEWSCYCLE Ad Serving you can track all your online advertising statistics so if an ad is underperforming, optimizations can be made. You can even track online ads against print ads to measure how an ad performs across channels. Diversify your media company’s product offering by bundling digital campaigns with print and broadcast ads. Performance information is kept in the same system so it can be monitored simultaneously and you’re never left wondering which medium is performing the best.

Newscycle Ad Serving gives you the tools to manage your billing operation from within the Newscycle Advertising platform, so you no longer have to wait for third-party auditing systems to pass along accurate billing counts. You will be able to target ads based on demographics, geography and contextually relevant content — raising the likelihood that ads will be seen by people who are most likely to buy. The level of targeting can be set on an ad-by-ad basis. This granularity allows the most flexibility to match and deliver an advertiser’s message to precisely the right visitors on your website.

Financials and Reporting

Why would you want to maintain separate systems for billing, reporting, analytics and accounts receivable?

Newscycle Advertising delivers a world-class rating engine, flexible billing options, robust accounting rules, and a powerful business intelligence reporting module. These tools provide a 360-degree view of your accounts receivables, all accessible from the same system that manages your sales and order entry functions.

The comprehensive billing module inside the Newscycle Advertising platform allows customizable grouping logic, as well as support for creating invoices and statements. Invoices can be sent via email, postal or electronic formats. Your company’s financial reps have access to a dashboard-like AR console, where they can process payments, issue credits, manage batches of electronic payments via lockbox, and perform manual payment updates. Multiple payment methods are built-in and fully supported.

The Newscycle Advertising finance module offers reminders, dunning letters, write-offs and collection processing. From start-to-finish, Newscycle Advertising is truly a complete advertising management solution.

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Featured Case Study


U-T San Diego’s innovative broadcast and multichannel advertising platform

U-T San Diego expanded their Newscycle Advertising system to include the booking of all ad spots for their in-house television station U-T TV. Within one year, the number of broadcast ads booked into the Advertising system has grown from 500 a month to 15,000 a month. Over 90% of all TV ads are sold in package combinations with online and print ads, which truly showcases the multi-channel power of the Newscycle Advertising platform.

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Case Studies

  • Harstad Tidende Group Case StudyHTG uses the Newscycle Advertising system to manage its entire digital and print advertising workflow. Learn how they streamlined their sales process across the entire digital advertising value chain with the NEWSCYCLE Ad Server Integration (ASI) module.
  • U-T San Diego Case Study U-T San Diego expanded their Newscycle Advertising system to include the booking of all ad spots for their in-house television station U-T TV. Within one year, the number of broadcast ads booked into the Advertising system has grown from 500 a month to 15,000 a month.