Newscycle Circulation

Turn big data into big revenue.

Be proactive in today’s digital circulation world using the strongest technology now available to you. Newscycle Circulation provides powerful marketing and management advantages to transform your end-to-end circulation processes, allowing you to focus on creating new revenue, extending your marketing efforts, and increasing retention. The automated circulation software tools are there for you to increase single copy sales, third-party revenue, marketing campaigns, and promotions.

icon   Customer-Powered Service through digital self-service

icon   Take control of your resources with digital cost performance

icon   Retain readers, optimize single copy sales, and enhance relationships with advertisers

icon   Enhance customer satisfaction with automated communications

icon   Real-time dashboards keep you completely informed and in control

icon   Fully equips your distribution personnel to manage third-party product distribution

icon   PCI compliant—always

Know more about your audience and expand your revenue in bold, new ways with a complete Audience Relationship Management system that goes beyond CRM to capture the audience data you need to better manage retention, increase productivity, and understand your readers’ interests. Using audience data, Newscycle Circulation also provides the tools to create targeted marketing campaigns that attract new subscribers, win back former customers, and promote new offers to existing subscribers. The use of lifestyle demographic data also enables you to build successful direct mail businesses.

Full Integration

Full integration between print and digital subscribers –this makes it easier for your team to sell and manage more digital subscriptions.  It fully automates combo subscriptions sales.  Monetize and integrate digital subscriptions with print—including capturing digital access history for AAM (ABC) reporting.  Also, there is shared authentication between subscriber self-service, Digital Paymeter and third-party digital replica edition making for a better consumer experience.


Campaign Management

Generates revenue through automation of sales campaigns via email marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, and direct sales, with analysis and reporting. Sell more subscriptions while analysis will indicate where you can achieve the best return on your campaign investment between the different channels. Target campaigns based on geography, subscriber status, demographics, or a combination of all of them. Feathering allows for testing different methods or messages before committing to a complete campaign.

Task Management

A newspaper-specific Audience Relationship Management workflow toolset. Automates monitoring of the circulation database for activities that require attention and/or follow-up, such as credit cards due to expire, subscribers approaching expiration, critical complaints, etc., to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline workflows. Task Management uses customizable workflow rules and real-time notifications to automate routine business processes.


Saves big money by reducing the number of printed renewal notices generated internally and/or the number of notices generated through a third-party billing service. E-billing is an opt-in feature that automatically produces an email to the subscriber informing them that a payment is due with a link in the email that takes them right to the newspapers’ website for automated payment via credit card or bank draft. E-billing provides a paperless solution that puts the billing notification in the hands of the subscriber immediately, promoting a smarter and faster payment collection process.

Newscycle Circulation and Audience

Your link to the next generation of newspaper revenue. Build a profile of your audience members based on information from the circulation database, combined with data gathered by tracking your readers’ on-line activities. Then, use this information to present to them personalized content and targeted advertising – while they are reading your content on-line. In addition, use the profiles gathered to target specific offers, or to form the core for a rewards/membership program.

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Case Study

  • Swift Communications Case Study For Swift Communications CEO Bill Waters, the longstanding partnership is a brass tacks issue: “We just don’t think there’s anything out there that is better or even comparable,” adding that he feels Newscycle Circulation is the “shining star” of the Newscycle software suite.