Newscycle Content

Manage your content in a modern multi-channel publishing platform.

Today, news publishing welcomes a new age of storytelling. With Newscycle Content your ideas come together in a collaborative environment and are told using a new set of tools and constantly developing channels. You manage the constant flow of new story ideas and assets, from the moment of conception through delivery. Content producers get more out of their work and realize greater productivity from a single view of their content and its status down to the finest detail. The result is better quality and content.

icon   Plan, manage, produce and share news content in a streamlined and collaborative environment

icon   Advanced multi-channel workflows bring print and digital publishing together

icon   Feature-rich writing tools to meet the needs of any news organization

icon   Highly automated page production tools ensure a very efficient page production

icon   Provides a single, central repository for all media assets

icon   Create and publish content from a purpose-built versatile browser-based interface

icon   Flexible, scalable, and open to third-party integrations and custom development

Media companies today serve many audiences through many channels. Newscycle Content is a workflow-centric content management and production system that supports even the most detailed creative processes. With streamlined communication and collaboration for the entire production process, you can take advantage of unmatched efficiences in one system to plan, produce and publish content for channel-agnostic distribution.

Organizing Content

Newscycle Content provides content producers and editors with a robust platform and high-performance tools to organize story candidates, manage content and distribution channels. No matter where each asset originated from, it flows into a collaborative environment for fast and accurate handling.

Aligning Resources

Gain better visibility into what is being planned and actively worked on—and align the resources available based on the channels you plan to use. A central resource center handles all aspects of story ideas. You will always know which resources are being used and how. Whether needing photos, notes for background information, or related stories, you can quickly assemble relevant assets with minimal keystrokes.

Creative Collaboration

Storytelling is enhanced with channel-agnostic publishing. Newscycle Content is a dynamic environment where content producers can focus on the story rather than the technology. Content packages make it easy to get a clear view of the story elements in their many forms. Users can comment with notes and key story details–connecting every piece of content– to help ensure accuracy. Editors can immediately begin the editing process using detailed and reliable information as stories develop.

Channel Management

From the single point of content creation to your print or digital center, Newscycle Content expands your power to produce creative, high-quality products for your audience. Automated page production allows you to quickly and easily produce dynamic layouts for a highly targeted audience and subscriber base. Develop new products and revenue streams.

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