Next generation digital content management platform
built for news media websites

NEWSCYCLE Solution’s new digital content management system, called ONSET, is both evolutionary and revolutionary. Based on Drupal 8 as its core operating platform, the ONSET framework has enabled NEWSCYCLE to port its industry-leading digital content management and publishing capabilities to a modern technology foundation that supports rapid application development, flexible workflow models, extensibility, new end-user tools, and the unparalleled performance and security required in today’s demanding news media environment.

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Better Together – ONSET and Drupal 8

ONSET customers benefit from the most modern, flexible CMS platform available, with NEWSCYCLE bringing its structured development, testing and integration expertise. Based on Drupal 8 technology, ONSET provides a content management framework that is easy to use and fully responsive, including modules, widgets and tools designed specifically for news media organizations.

ONSET features 95 Drupal modules designed specifically to meet the needs of a digital-first newsroom, providing a fast and flexible platform to create and deliver stories. Journalists and editors can easily incorporate video, links and tagging as part of the storytelling process. Page designs, content and story assets can be quickly changed, including where and how they are displayed. With Drupal’s worldwide reach and large user community, ample resources are available for training and web development.

Controlling Your Site's Look and Feel

In Drupal 8, the basic look and feel of a site is controlled by a theme. The theme contains the templates, typography and layout that determine how a site renders. ONSET comes with a built-in showcase theme. Our theme is built using Drupal 8 theming standards, fully responsive, and designed for maximum flexibility through the user interface. For a more customized look and feel, users can manage the CSS and templates of the ONSET showcase theme, or they can opt to create their own theme.

Content Creation Tools Designed for News Publishers

ONSET’s content creation tool, called CKEditor, provides support for all of the features required by today’s news producers. The content creation tool is easy to use on desktop, tablet and handheld devices. In addition, an on-page editing feature allows users with permission to quickly make changes directly on a page. ONSET takes content creation a step further by providing seamless integration between digital and print channels.

The Benefits Of Open Source Without The Risk

News media companies are prime targets for cyber-attacks and data security breaches. With cyber crime at an all-time high, it is important for publishers to consider security when selecting a content management platform. ONSET is hosted in the NEWSCYCLE Cloud, the only hosting and managed services partnership designed to meet the mission-critical requirements of the news media industry. The NEWSCYCLE Cloud protects your media enterprise with our unique combination of private cloud stacks, a fulltime cybersecurity team, 24/7 security monitoring, SOC1 and SOC2 auditing reports, advanced protection against denial-of-service attacks, and Amazon Web Services data centers. In addition, our new in-house Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) provide world-class monitoring of cyberthreats and trends, including monitoring of applications for all ONSET customers in real-time. 

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