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Video-Icon-WebThe Cyber Security Challenge for News Media

Businesses around the world are increasingly under threat from hackers and cyberterrorists, and the news media industry is especially vulnerable. With attacks continuing to grow in scale, sophistication and frequency, news media companies must take every step possible to protect themselves from those who seek to silence their voices and steal their valuable data.
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Video-Icon-WebEight things to know about the Newscycle Cloud

Would you like to learn about the Newscycle Cloud? In this webinar, Bob Mason, VP of Hosting at Newscycle, shares eight critical insights that every media company should consider when moving to the Newscycle Cloud.
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Newscycle Advertising 2015-1 Overview

This webinar is one of the best ways to learn more about Newscycle Advertising version 2015.1. This release is focused on tools to increase sales and help each salesperson be more effective. The webinar covers the new features in detail, and how the system adds value to your advertising operations. Topics include: CRM for Mobile, Responsive Design, Digital Templates
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Video-Icon-WebPaid Content Best Practices

Download this 45-minute webcast to hear about best practices for monetizing your digital content based on feedback from news media organizations around the globe. Whether you already have a paid content strategy in place, you’re planning for one, or you offer your digital content for free, you don’t want to miss this insightful webcast.
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Newscycle Circulation and PayPalVideo-Icon-Web

Newscycle has integrated PayPal’s payment processing services and options with Newscycle’s circulation systems. PayPal is a trusted brand globally and is the payment option most people look for and expect to use for web-based purchases. The free webinar will introduce PayPal and explain how it adds value to your circulation operations.
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Video-Icon-WebCirculationPro: The Latest and Greatest of v2014.2 and v2015.1

The new version of CirculationPro meets the evolving needs of today’s multimedia publishers, including opportunity for new revenue and more stringent security. The webinar covers the new features, tools and security compliance in the v2014.2 and v2015.1 releases. Some topics include: Amazon Web Services for CirculationPro, Security Enhancements, Hosted Order Page
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Video-Icon-WebWhat you need to know about Native Advertising

In the 30-minute webcast, you will find out:
What it is. Native Advertising 101
Who’s using it. Examples of Native Advertising
Why you should know more about it. Trends and statistics around Native Advertising
How it works. Demonstration of implementing Native Advertising using the NEWSCYCLE Advertising and the NEWSCYCLE Digital platforms
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Video-Icon-WebMobile Journalism – Writing for Engagement

Download our Mobile Journalism – Writing for Engagement webcast to better understand mobile journalism and how to optimize your content for mobile devices.
In this 30-minute webcast we will discuss best practices for creating content that will help engage your audience, appeal to younger viewers and attract mobile advertisers.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Circulation 2014-1 Overview

This free webinar is one of the best ways to learn more about Newscycle Circulation v2014.2. This is a significant circulation system upgrade, focused on giving publishers the strongest set of tools possible to increase revenues and communicate better with their audiences.
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Video-Icon-WebThe ROI of Audience and Analytics

Join us for a 30-minute webinar on the ROI of Audience and Analytics solutions! Learn about current data around the impact of Circulation Analytics, Advertising Analytics and Audience Engagement and Targeting solutions. Also find out about the new ROI tools created by Newscycle and Hobson & Company. We show examples of ROI calculations.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle NewsEditPro 2015-1 Overview

This webinar discusses NewsEditPro’s version 2015.1 release. This release includes a significant upgrade to NEP’s editing ability, making it a truly digital-first solution. Watch to learn more about this and the other new features that will help your organization keep producing breaking news. This webinar is presented by Emily Brown, Newscycle’s Technical Product Manager, and includes the following topics: TinyMCE and the Digital First Workflow, Optimizations to Searches, Improvements for Displaying Search Results
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle AdManagerPro: The Latest and Greatest

This seminar is for existing AdManagerPro 2, 4 and 5 customers who want to learn about the most recent upgrades and enhancements. This webinar is presented by Geoff Kehrer, Newscycle Sales Engineer, and includes the following topics: AMP’s Browser-Based Interface, Simple Ad Tracking Features, Automated Scheduling of A/R, Publishing and Report Routines, Advanced Task Management Routines, CRM and Dashboard Tools, AMP’s New ‘Heads Up Display’ Module, Enhanced Integration Features Between AdManagerPro and ProductionManagerPro
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Content 2015-1 Overview

This free webinar is one of the best ways to learn more about Newscycle Content v2015-1. With this release we have added tools and features that will increase production efficiency. This webinar is presented by Ronnie Willis and includes the following topics: Quick Tags – the ability to save many metadata entries and apply with a single keystroke, Social Media Integration and Early Adopter Program, Improved integration with Newscycle Advertising, User-interface improvements
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Content (Danish)

This free webinar is conducted in Danish.
Newscycle Content er et moderne content management system, som får nye features med hver release. Den seneste version er 2015-1, og version 2016-1 er i beta test. Er du ikke på den nyeste version af Newscycle Content eller går du og overvejer en update? Få indsigt i nogle af de spændende funktioner fra seneste Content version. De kan være med til at effektivisere dit workflow, og give jer nye spændende muligheder. Du kan se mere om Content Planner, Lite Editor og Quick Tags.
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Video-Icon-WebIntroducing Newscycle Connect

Newscycle Connect is Newscycle’s online, one-stop shop portal for media companies to find innovative technologies, approved partner products, and new revenue-generating solutions. Presented by Newscycle’s Donna Beasley, this free webinar explains Newscycle Connect in detail, and how it can benefit your business by exploring opportunities you might not have thought about – yet!
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Connect and TicketSauce

TicketSauce, a Newscycle Connect partner, provides tools to manage events from creation to conclusion, including customization options and features. TicketSauce guarantees publishers an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction. In this webinar, Shannon Hanes, Vice President of Sales for TicketSauce presents an overview of the software features and benefits, and a brief demo of the system’s dashboard. Events are a $21 billion industry, and there are many opportunities to leverage your brand and increase revenues.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Connect and Parse.ly

Parse.ly is an analytics platform built specifically for publishers. Parse.ly provides real-time and historical data through an intuitive platform. Typical users of Parse.ly include editors, reporters, audience development managers, product developers, data analysts, and sales teams. Clients include Gatehouse Media, The Telegraph, Conde Nast, Business Insider, Fox News, The Daily Beast, Slate, Mashable and more. In this webinar, Parse.ly’s Director of Strategic Partnerships Stefan Deeran covers what Parse.ly is and how it can help publishers of any size expand and understand their audience, how data can be shared across the newsroom and how to use data to make editorial decisions.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Connect and STATS

NEWSCYCLE Solutions has joined forces with STATS to deliver industry-leading sports agate feeds directly to Newscycle Content and Content Publisher customers.
We invite you to attend a live, 30-minute webinar on May 24th introducing STATS, and why it’s important now, more than ever, to learn about the system and what it can do for your company. The webinar, presented by LaVar Wagner from STATS Corporate Development, covers a brief system overview explaining the value STATS brings to your company, how real-time, enhanced sports information benefits you and your audience, and how STATS can improve your sports pages.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Digital Paymeter

Find out how easy it is for publishers to manage and create more effective paid content strategies with our newest feature release. Digital Paymeter’s Mike Pirello will present the webinar and cover: Offer-Group Management – Create new self-service offer groups, and have them instantly applied to overlays, Self-service Overlay Management – Manage warning and paywall overlays without the need to call in to support, Multiple Location Sign-in – Subscribers can log-in from multiple locations such as the paywall, alert box, home page, etc., In-Line Paywall – give customers a sneak-peek into content, while still requiring them to register or subscribe.
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Video-Icon-WebGet familiar with Newscycle Circulation

NEWSCYCLE Solutions invites you to attend our series of webinars to learn more about Newscycle’s circulation, advertising and editorial systems. These webinars are free. Each webinar introduces the system, and includes new and exciting product updates and features you may not know about yet!
Newscycle’s Jason Goldberg will present a system overview and include many of the system’s main features. Learn more about managing: Single Copy Sales Home Delivery Sales Draw and Return Pilfering Prevention Measures Audit Organisation Reports Managing Digital and Print Subscriptions Self-Service Features PayPal Express Check Out Third-Party Additions Support
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Connect and Olive Software

Newscycle invites you to attend a webinar to introduce you to Olive Software, the eEdition platform of choice for half of the top 100 US newspaper publishers as well as many others around the world. Olive has earned and sustained a reputation as the innovation leader of the ePublishing space. But Olive goes well beyond digital replica. As a Newscycle Connect partner, Olive takes your digital platform to a new level of cross-media content engagement, capability and personalization. Olive is not just an eEdition platform, they are a digital publishing and audience engagement platform. Olive delivers unmatched support of your digital advertising strategy but can also deliver on the demand side. Olive is developing distribution opportunities that create digital revenue where it simply did not exist before.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Connect and Syndicaster

Newscycle invites you to attend a webinar to introduce you to Syndicaster, a cloud-based video platform built and developed for news publishers. Syndicaster is a Newscycle Connect partner. Over 500 news organizations (newspapers and broadcasters) rely on Syndicaster to create, distribute and monetize their video assets across online, mobile and social audiences. If you would like to know more about growing digital revenue streams, producing video content, how to market and distribute it across all digital platforms – then this webinar is for you. Typical users of Syndicaster include editors, digital teams, reporters, audience development managers, and ad sales teams.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Operational Services Overview

Operational Services is a new initiative designed to help you maximize the effectiveness of your NEWSCYCLE systems. Our dedicated team of highly experienced consultants and engineers are available to help with the ongoing, optimal operation of your environments. We also want to make sure your implementation of changes are successful, while ensuring that costs are controlled at all times.
We have developed a suite of services that can help with some of the less glamorous tasks your staff is challenged with every day – freeing them up to focus on more strategic projects to help advance your business.
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Video-Icon-WebGet familiar with Newscycle Advertising

Newscycle Advertising manages the entire advertising process, from managing leads, to ad-booking and payment processing. Newscycle’s Kelly Smith and Caroline Persson will present a brief system overview, discuss CRM, digital ads, print ads and broadcast. During the webinar you will be one of the first to learn about SalesLink, our new browser-based CRM tool.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Connect and iPublishmedia Solutions

NEWSCYCLE invites you to attend a free webinar on August 10th. We would like to introduce you to iPublishmedia Solutions who offer a self-service advertising platform for media companies. iPublishmedia Solutions is a NEWSCYCLE Connect partner. iPublishmedia Solutions (formerly Wave2 Media Solutions) enables you to sell and publish any print or digital ad. The system embraces web, mobile and print with a comprehensive suite of integrated tools that significantly cut costs as well as generate new revenue.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Connect and Youneeq

Newscycle invites you to attend a webinar to introduce you to Youneeq, a Newscycle Connect partner. Youneeq improves reader engagement and ROI on content and digital ad performance across all platforms using big data and proprietary machine learning algorithms. The system matches and delivers relevant news content to readers across all platforms and from all traffic sources, providing NEWSCYCLE customers with higher real-time audience engagement levels.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Connect and FruitFlan

Newscycle invites you to attend a live, free webinar to introduce you to FruitFlan, a Newscycle Connect partner. FruitFlan is a real-time analytics and decision-making support tool for online news and magazine publishers. FruitFlan keeps track of complex analytical data and displays it in a simple and easy-to-understand format. FruitFlan provides data that your entire newsroom can use to prioritize website content and proactively increase reader engagement and loyalty.
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Video-Icon-WebMobile Webinar Series Part 1: Why Mobile?

In a three-part webinar series, NEWSCYCLE’s President of Mobile Wade Beavers will present the importance of mobile apps and why publishers need to deliver content on mobile devices.
Part 1: Why Mobile? What are the facts about mobile? Benefits and challenges of mobile web and apps. What content connects with mobile users. Mobile video – hype or reality? Digital moment tricks and tips. Creating mobile hooks to bring them back. How local news rates in mobile.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Connect and Zoomd

Zoomd On-Site Search is an enabler of a new real-estate which replaces the standard search bar; it gains additive revenues from monetized ads, page-views increase, longer time on-site and lower bounce-rate. The solution is free of charge! It generates for NEWSCYCLE customers new revenue stream on a Revenue Share model. Discover what it takes to get started – just activate the NEWSCYCLE / Zoomd add-on and you are up and running.
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Video-Icon-WebNewscycle Connect and VersaPay

During the webinar, you will see a demo of VersaPay ARC, an online accounts receivable platform, that helps eliminate invoicing costs, enable faster payments and improve customer satisfaction. In this webinar you will learn how to: Empower your customers – ARC provides a self-service portal to view invoices and tearsheets anytime. Improve customer service – real-time online communication for invoice inquiries and dispute resolution. Automatic payment reminders help keep customer accounts current. Offer flexible payment options including payment by ACH/EFT and credit card. Be proactive in collections – know customer payment behaviors with robust reporting features (DSO, aging receivables)
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Video-Icon-WebMobile Webinar Series Part 2: Push Notifications

In a three-part webinar series, NEWSCYCLE’s President of Mobile Wade Beavers will present the importance of mobile apps and why publishers need to deliver content on mobile devices.
Part 2 Push Notifications Why is it important to have a solid push notification newsroom plan? What content gets the best session opens? How push can maintain and gain new users? Best push notification newsroom practices.Push notification samples for radio, broadcast, and newspapers. All-Time worst push samples.
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Video-Icon-WebMobile Webinar Series Part 3: Niche Apps

In a three-part webinar series, NEWSCYCLE’s President of Mobile Wade Beavers will present the importance of mobile apps and why publishers need to deliver content on mobile devices
Part 3: Niche Apps What is a niche app? What content works in a niche app? How data will drive your decisions? Best sample niche apps in market. How to sell niche apps.
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See the future of web content management for news publishers with NEWSCYCLE ONSET. During this webinar, we’ll explore how NEWSCYCLE ONSET is the hub of the modern newsroom’s multi-channel publishing strategy. See how ONSET: Maximizes the mobile web. Integrates with NEWSCYCLE Content for print publishing. Provides recommended content for readers using the ONSET Engage module.
Also get a sneak peek into ONSET’s near-term roadmap and rapid release plans.
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Video-Icon-WebDelivering Mobile ROI for Media Companies

As mobile growth continues to skyrocket, apps will play an increasingly important role in helping media companies win the battle for user engagement, loyalty, viewability and ad quality. This webinar will provide six critical reasons why your media company needs to invest in mobile app development for your news and advertising content as you strive to boost audience engagement and increase overall digital revenues.
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Video-Icon-WebNEWSCYCLE Connect and CrowdRise

CrowdRise has developed a simple tool for media companies to offer readers an easy way to donate to any charitable cause directly from any article. CrowdRise’s custom backend powers embeddable donate widgets across your publication and tracks the dollars your customers raise for cause. You own all the data, and there is no cost to partner with CrowdRise.

Typical users of CrowdRise include editors, reporters, audience development managers, product developers, data analysts, and sales teams.
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Video-Icon-WebNEWSCYCLE Mobile and OTT

Your audience is Over-the-Top, and you should be too. NEWSCYCLE Mobile invites you to learn about Over-the-Top (OTT) technologies and why it’s time for your company to be there. Did you know that by 2020 content consumption from OTT and streaming devices is expected to reach over two hours a day, per viewer?
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Video-Icon-WebNEWSCYCLE Advertising and SalesLink

SalesLink is designed to simplify ad sales and help increase multi-channel advertising revenue. SalesLink integrates advertising sales and customer relationship management functionality into a single, responsive application, enabling sales reps and managers to spend more time selling and less time on paperwork.
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Video-Icon-WebA Guide to Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising, using software to buy and sell digital advertising, is becoming increasingly important for advertisers. According to IAB Europe, more than 90% of publishers in Europe were using programmatic technology in 2016.
Caroline Briggs, Presales Engineer at NEWSCYCLE, will take you through many of the basic elements of Programmatic Advertising:
Understanding the basics of Programmatic Advertising, Clarifying expressions such as RTB, SSP, DSP and DMP, The pros and cons for advertisers and publishers
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Video-Icon-WebA Guide to Programmatic Advertising (Swedish)

Programmatic, automatiserad handel med digitala annonser, blir mer och mer viktigt för annonsörer. I flera länder säljs mer än hälften av de digitala annonserna på detta sätt och även på den nordiska annonsmarknaden ökar köp och sälj via Programmatic i rekordfart. Caroline Briggs, Presales Engineer på Newscycle, guidar dig genom basbegreppen när det gäller Programmatic:
Förstå grunderna av Programmatic, Klargör begrepp som tex RTB, SSP, DSP and DMP, Fördelar och nackdelar för annonsörer och publicister
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Video-Icon-WebNEWSCYCLE SubscriptionLink

Learn about SubscriptionLink – a new self-service portal for subscribers to manage print and digital subscriptions from any web or mobile device.
Simplify digital subscription sales and payment processes
SubscriptionLink’s intuitive navigation makes transactions and subscription management easy for your subscribers. A quick and user-friendly experience helps to build audiences and retain readers.
During this webinar, we’ll explore several key features and capabilities in SubscriptionLink
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